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Kingdom of Tynastera
In the time of wizards, dragons, warriors and magic, an epic cataclysm threatened to destroy the universe itself. Out of the ashes of this tragedy arose the new mythical realm of The Jeweled Dragon. Though relatively small in area, The Jeweled Dragon, lovingly called TJD, is home to six lands, each tougher and more vast than the one before it. The lands are ruled by the Goddess GoldenMaiden, and protected by the Circle of Guardians, the most faithful and talented citizen survivors. We welcome you to come home... to The Jeweled Dragon.

The current time in Bladescross is 2:24 am.
Next new game day in: 1h, 12m, 00s (real time)

The newest resident of The Jeweled Dragon is: Dandy Ducky

The Ducky Contest Leader is Topsy Turvy Syrine .
The contest ends in 5 days, 12 hours.

Competitive Headlines
Who is going to win the Clan Point System? Bets are on!!
When was the last time you went fishing? There's gems to be won there matey.
GoldenMaiden is heard whining I can't get the Mids to work!!!!
Dag, over at the Bores Head Inn, has many jobs that can earn you lot of gems.
Have you hugged a Staffie today? They work pretty hard for you.

Enter your name and password to enter the realm.
Username: Password:

Your new friends and family await!!

Game server running version: 1.1.2 Dragonprime Edition

Staff Online
(2 Staff Members):
Tainted spider Dragon Scarlet
SKT T1 Naesala Kilvas

Characters Online
(1 Player):
Topsy Turvy Syrine

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Skin: Kingdom of Tynastera by JollyGG
Based on: Fargoth by Asazel
Version: 1.1.2 Dragonprime Edition . Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.